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The foundation stone laying ceremony of Honor new base was successfully held

Release time:2021-10-18 Views:1638

The foundation stone laying ceremony of Honor new base was successfully held

    On October 15th, the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Bao'an Hangcheng Innovation Industry R&D Joint Base was successfully held. The base is located in Hangcheng Street, Bao'an District. The land is jointly funded and constructed by four companies: Eurotone Electronics, Tongyi Industry, Mingyang Circuit, and Xiandi Cosmetics . Zhou Xueliang, member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee, member of the Party Group of the District Government, and Minister of Propaganda Department, Zhou Xueliang, attended the event.

Groundbreaking ceremony site

    At the ground-breaking ceremony, Wu Xiaoming, deputy director of the District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, said in his speech at the ground-breaking ceremony that four companies have joined forces to build an innovative R&D joint base. Innovation is also a major measure to promote the integrated development of manufacturing enterprises and promote the high-quality development of the real economy.

    Bao'an Hangcheng Innovation Industry R&D Joint Base Project covers an area of 10,347 square meters, with a total construction area of 51,735 square meters. The base will take the lead in building a joint base for new technology and new industry innovation research and development with "EPR+BIO+5G+AI" (fifth generation mobile communication technology + biotechnology + AI artificial intelligence + Internet of Things) as the core in Bao'an. , learning and research are the design concepts, and the layout of nearly 4,000 square meters of shared restaurants, road show halls, product display platforms and party-mass comprehensive service centers.

Rendering of Bao'an Hangcheng Innovation and R&D Joint Base

    Wang Heqiu, chairman of Honor, said: "As an old Baoan company, Honor Electronics has been growing along with Baoan's growth. During the growth process, we encountered some bottlenecks, especially the limited development of industrial space. Our expansion of R&D space has greatly helped us. Next, through the expansion of R&D space, we will introduce more talents, and we will be more confident in the long-term development of the company.”

    The construction area of Honor in the entire base is 15,245 square meters, accounting for 29.467% of the total construction area. This investment in joint bidding for land and construction is to meet the company's current and future development needs for operating sites. The company has always taken the Pearl River Delta as its headquarters. The construction of the base will help the company optimize resource allocation, speed up industrial layout, improve R&D, production, business and other systems, comprehensively upgrade the group headquarters, and further enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness.

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