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Power Adapter

International leading technology chip solution automatically adapts to changes in load power consump

  1. Global grid

  2. Energy saving and safety

  3. Lightweight and easy to carry

  • Adapt to the global grid voltage form

  • Adapt to a variety of terminal application scenarios

  • International common type-C port design

  • Independent multiple outputs can be achieved without affecting each other

Server Power

Ensuring data security and reliability

  1. Intelligent control

  2. Highly reliable operation

  3. High power density

  • Full digital control, intelligent interaction with the system

  • Support PMBUS1.2 general communication protocol

  • With firmware online upgrade, fault diagnosis function

  • Support parallel redundant work, high reliability

  • High efficiency power density

Communication Power
telecom power SUPPLY

High-quality power supply system for communication system

  1. Safe and reliable

  2. Highly intelligent

  3. high operating temperature

  • Support AC and DC input voltage

  • Ultra-low temperature work

  • High-standard lightning protection EMC characteristics

  • Safe and reliable, output isolation

  • High efficiency, low temperature rise, long life

Power Battery Charger
Power supply charger

  1. Smart charging

  2. Waterproof and dustproof

  3. High efficiency and high power density

  • Advanced topology, a new generation of power devices

  • High efficiency, long life, ultra-low standby power consumption

  • Waterproof grade up to IP56

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Business Distribution

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