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Model: BMS-Q()


Product Specifications

  • A. Battery management module
    Battery Management Module
  • 1. Charging time
    The charging current can be adjusted by software, the maximum charging current is 5A, and the corresponding minimum charging time is 1.5hr
  • 2. Discharge time
    26A discharge >8 minutes
  • 3. Protection function
  • 4. Software function
    The system can monitor the working status and power information of the battery module through the software interface, and can control the size of the charging current
  • B. Battery management module
    Battery Management Module
  • 1. Ensure that the battery module can provide power when the mains power fails and the power supply fails to supply power normally, to ensure that the system will not lose power, and it is convenient for users to switch the power supply mode
  • 2. Ensure that the hard disk has enough time to complete the reading and writing work after the mains power failure, and will not lose data and cause bad sectors of the hard disk due to a sudden power failure of the mains, so as to ensure the reliability of the system
  • 3. Fully compatible with IBM battery management module
  • Power Range
  • Input Condition
  • Output Range